Let there be light

Electricity fuels the modern world. Whilst there are exceptions to this statement, it is safe to say the world wouldn’t function as it does without electricity. That said, whilst it is pivotal to our daily lives, the logistics of electricity are a mystery to most of us, and not something to be tampered with without proper knowledge or experience.

It is for this reason that services such as MM Electrical in London are of such importance, to ensure that all electrical requirements are met and dealt with in the most professional way possible, and comply with all legal regulations and safety restrictions. 

Cooking with gas

One of the main services which these electric providers offer, which is of paramount importance to the safety of many, is the installation of fire safety systems within businesses such as restaurants.

Whilst fire safety systems are vital in all businesses as well as domestic dwellings, restaurants in particular face specific fire hazards which are more present than they are in other environments. The presence of continuously used cooking equipment, and the possibility of grease fires make resturant a particularly vulnerable place for a fire.

Therefore the installation of fire safety systems requires a great deal of expertise and planning with regards to placement and design, to how best to utilise the available space to ensure that fire safety will keep both staff and patrons safe.

School safety

Another building which is at particular risk of fire damage, and requires a great deal of attention and consideration when installing fire prevention equipment, are schools. Unlike restaurants, which are more prone to accidental fire damage, schools are more likely to be subjected to acts of deliberate arson.

As such, it is paramount that schools have fully automatic fire detection to Grade A LD1 Standards, to ensure that any fire will be detected as swiftly as possible. In addition to this, it is recommended that all schools install 24 hour monitoring services which can detect any unusual or suspicious activity to prevent any potential damage from being done as quickly as possible.

Hotel fire safety

Hotel fire safety

Hotels are another business at a particular risk of fire, and as such have to be vigilant when installing fire safety systems. In addition to the risk of fire, hotels are also subjected to false fire alarms, which can often negatively impact the reputation of the management and the hotel, as well as incur hefty costs..

Extra care is needed by hotels to ensure that all fire alarms are covered by CCTV monitoring systems, to prevent unwanted, false fire alarms. Also, for hotels who are in need of fire alarm systems being installed without delay, but are operating a hotel which is at, or approaching maximum occupancy, then hotels can opt for the installation of wireless fire alarm systems.

These are quick to install, just as effective as conventional fire-alarm systems, and can be installed at a minimum, or no level of intrusion to the guests. This eases the pressures faced by hotels as they can ensure that guests will be covered and looked after by a fire safety system, without alarming or disturbing them during the installation process.

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