Students like doing tasks which are given in a fun and engaging way to them. Similarly, Though Maths is considered as a dreadful subject by most of the students, it is one of the easiest. Maths is all about understanding the concept better and making fundamentals clear. If they practice well for any mathematical topic, it would be easier for the students to solve it properly in exams. There are many other ways apart from the traditional ways to study maths which are a lot more interesting for students.

How can we make Math fun and easy for students

1. Projects

It would be easier and entertaining for students to apply the basics of maths in real life. Students can make different projects on topics like Reciprocal or Geometry in maths. The students will be able to understand the topics better by explaining to others, how they made the project. Participating in various Maths competitions where these projects can be displayed can also boost their confidence.

2. Quiz

Students tend to learn more if they participate in competitions. Teachers can conduct a quiz after teaching every topic. It would motivate the students to prepare well for the basics of the concept. This will help them to be confident in solving problems based on these concepts clearly.

3. Group Study

Studying alone can be boring and tiring for students sometime. They can make groups with their friends to study together. It would help them to create interest and study the topics like polynomials in a fun way.

4. Colorful Notes

Making notes is a good habit in students. To make it more interesting, they can highlight the important formulas with different colors. This would keep them referring back to their own notes again and again. This will help them in memorizing the important formulas.

5. Bright Table and Formula Charts

Decorating the classroom or study room walls with important topic charts is a great idea. These charts help students in remembering the important concepts as they see them regularly.

6. Different Study Resources

Studying from different resources apart from the basic textbook helps. Using the latest learning app makes learning easy and fun for the student. Students use mobile for various purposes. These apps let them study in an engaging way.


There are many tricks to study maths in different ways for students. The tricks given above would help the students in creating interest in studying maths. The most important trick to master Math subject is to Practice a lot. Hope these tricks help the students to love Maths as a subject.

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