The impact of social media on online promotion is increasing day by day. Now is the right time for all the businesses to start promoting their services on social media using social media sharing plugins.

By using these plugins, you can genuinely promote your business on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to reach out to your potential clients. By integrating the social media sharing plugins on your website, your readers can easily share your articles on their favorite social networking sites.

Doing this would help to drive more traffic and sales for your business. Depending on your website design, you can integrate more social media buttons on your plugin or delete a few of them.

Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Social Media Sharing

The most important platforms, which you need to integrate with the social media plugins are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp Share. These platforms have the potential to drive huge traffic and sales to your business website.

In case your website design is not so good, then you can contact some of the best website designers or any experienced digital marketing company. Here is the list of the effective social media sharing plugins, which you can try on your website today:

#1. Social Snap

This is the latest social media sharing WordPress plugin with tons of exciting features. It is one of the best choices for your website as it helps you to integrate your website with multiple social media platforms.

It also offers various placement options on your website. It has other interesting features like content locking, share recovery, UTM tracking etc.

#2. Ultimate Social Media Icons

This is one of the best social media plugins that comes with themed social media icons. For example, if you have a website related to interior designs, you can select a house theme social media icon.

#3. Social Warfare

This is a simple yet powerful social media sharing plugin. The premium version of this plugin costs around $30, but the free version would be enough for the basic websites.

Based on your website design, you can place the social media buttons either at the beginning of the article or the left side as a floating social media button. This plugin has limited social media options compared to the social snap plugin.

You can simply drag and drop the social media buttons to the plugin and the rest would be taken care of by Social Warfare.

#4. Jetpack

This is the most popular WordPress plugin among the bloggers. It can add many features to your WordPress website or blog. Install the Jetpack plugin and activate the sharing module to add your desired social sharing buttons on the website.

#5. AddToAny by Share Buttons

This plugin looks very simple but is a powerful tool to share your blog posts on social media. This social sharing plugin comes with numerous customization options. It has more than 100 sharing buttons with plenty of placement options. One best thing about this plugin is that it allows you to track your social media reach through Google Analytics.

#6. DC Simple Share Buttons

Some of the social media plugins might increase the load time of your website, which is not so good. But, this social sharing plugin is very light and doesn’t increase the load time of your website or blog.

It does not load any external script or JavaScript. Hence, it does not affect the load time of your site. If showing the share count on your plugin is not an issue, you can choose this plugin for your website.

#7. Mashshare

If you love to try different styles for your social media buttons, then this is the best option. Apart from the style, this plugin offers many features like button placements, activate the buttons with shortcode etc. It allows to select and share specific parts of your blog post on the social media (it is available in the paid version).

#8. Shareaholic

This is more than a social media plugin that helps to display related content on your site, add affiliate content and promote paid content. If you are looking for features like this, then you can select the Shareaholic plugin for your website.

These are some of the genuine social media sharing plugins that can customize the social media buttons as per your website design and add more value to your website. To generate more leads and convert more visitors into clients, you can make use of these plugins and increase your reachability.

This article is written by Micheal Anderson, currently, he is working with Techmagnate (digital marketing company in Chennai). He has great expertise in the digital marketing services like website SEO, Video SEO, PPC advertising, Social media optimization etc.

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