Here we got some tips to save your iOS 8 battery’s life. Many people who have upgraded their iOS devices after releases of iOS 8 software are complaining that the new update drains all your device battery faster than previous versions. To resolve this issue and prevent device’ battery life for long, Iphone app developers have got key points to share with entire iphone development community and worldwide users.

The problem of battery drainage is not new for iOS device users; however the latest version possesses handful of new features that are working harder to bring most satisfactory interface experience. Sadly, the productivity lasts for little time than before.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users are facing less battery life issues because the newest models are backed with stronger battery that lasts longer than older models. Here, iOS app developers have brought quick and simple do’s list to prevent battery drainage and give extra hours to device to perform tasks.

How to identify the reasons or culprits behind the issue?

Go to ‘setting’ menu à Find the list of applications in the battery usage section à Discover which apps are killing your device’s power. It is very important to find out the apps that are sucking away your device battery life most. Once you find them, you can close all of these apps or can delete them if they are useless.

Handle background app refresh

Latest Apple software supports Background app refresh feature like with iOS 7 that lets apps run in the background and makes device multi tasking and refreshes content while browsing. User can easily and constantly refresh the content with this feature, but we would like to tell you that this app consumes more power from battery. You can disable this feature by visiting Settings > General > Background App refresh > Off

Keep calm and use notification widgets

Users can access iOS 8 widgets from notification center. They just need to pull down from the top of the screen and make alterations to the Today view. With the help of such widgets, you can get sports scores, transit information, weather updates, and more. The only drawback of these widgets is they affect your device battery life. You can select the widget you want to use and disable unwanted widgets to save battery.

Shutting down Parallax

Many users want their wallpaper to roam behind the apps, but few users think it’s dizzying. Shutting down Parallax feature will help you in saving your battery life and you can do it simply by: Visiting Setting > General à Accessibility à Power On the Reduce Motion

Tracking apps will sip-out each battery drop- stop them

GPS is a great feature that helps you locating directions on your device. But developers recommend switching off these tracking apps when you are not using them. This will directly affect the power battery and it will run for more few hours. Settings > Privacy > Location Services > turn off

Using device at moderate brightness mode

It’s obvious, the more you do activities on device, the more battery will get over. You can control the brightness of the screen to prevent battery drainage. Settings > Wallpapers and brightness > Set brightness manually

Avoid fetching

Developers understand the importance of emails, but this fetching feature should be least used by users. Turning off this feature will help in sustaining battery life. Settings > Mail, contacts, calendars > Fetch new data

The life of iOS device battery still depends on the way you use it, yet all of these points shared by Iphone app developers will help you in reducing battery drainage in iOS 8 models.