When you are living in a small space whether it is a tight dorm room, condo, or apartment – it compels you to find a solution to a difficult organizational challenge. It is inevitable in a small space to have clutter, and it is crucial that there is a storage space to clear out the mess.

In this situation, shelves and other types of storage is a big help. Furniture pieces like shelves are not only excellent for storing your collectibles and stuff, but they can also enliven the style of your interior design. For you to make the most out of your tight space, you should have storage in place. Here are some storage ideas that you can take advantage of for your home.

Storage under the Stairs
An open space beneath the staircase will make for an ideal place to add an extra shelving unit. You can take advantage of this otherwise unusable space to store and display your collectibles such as books and porcelain dinnerware. An under-the-staircase storage is also aesthetically pleasing because it would appear like a built-in component of the house. You can paint it whatever color you like to make the room look attractive.

Stacking Shelves in the Corner
Stacking shelves is a perfect furniture piece in the living room or the kitchen. You can use every unused corner in a room by installing an upright row of shelves. This additional storage is excellent for use to display your dinnerware, cookbooks, and other knick-knacks.

Go for a Headboard with Storage
If your bed takes up a lot of space in your bedroom, just look on the bright side and think of it as a storage opportunity. There are beds that you can buy on the market today that have built-in headboard storage. A headboard with storage will make for an excellent storage space to place your magazines, books, souvenirs, and odds and ends.

Use the Narrow Nooks
Your shelves and storage space do not need to be vast expanses of vertical and horizontal space to be functional, especially for a small area like you have in your home. You can use the narrow nooks in the corner to store your stuff such as books and magazines.

Floating Shelves
If you are looking for a stylish and functional storage solution, floating shelves are a great option. Floating shelves help in freeing up floor space, and they allow natural light to come into your home, which creates an illusion of a commodious space. Many homeowners prefer a do-it-yourself project for their floating shelves, but you can find plenty of floating shelves that you can install on the wall.

Side Alcove Storage
You can use your side alcove for a shelving unit to store your books and other knick-knacks. This otherwise awkward wall space will make for a stylish feature in your living room if you just do the right makeover. You can paint it with your desired color that complements the style of the room. A five simple, horizontal shelves with the perfect array of your collections will serve as a creative and eye-catching display.

Double-Duty Furniture Pieces
You need to make use of your small space, and you can go for double-duty furniture for this purpose. A tiny living room, for example, may give you a hard time furnishing it, but well-placed bookshelves may offer both aesthetics and function. There are also furniture pieces that can double as storage. Furniture sites like Focus on Furniture offer an ottoman that has a lid that you can open to store your things.

Shelves behind the Door
You might not believe it: For how can you open a door if there are shelves behind it? But some genius interior designers do things like that. You can open the door with no hassle, and you can get a lot of storage space out of it. The door into the room doubles as a door to the shelves. You will not notice the shelves when the door is open. It is both practical and stylistic.

Storage is essential to keep your collectibles and stuff organized. For sure, you will not like to see clutter in your home, so you should have a storage space to keep your things in proper places. You can try the storage ideas mentioned above to make the most of a small space while providing both function and style to it.

Yassi Parrish is a home improvement blogger and a single mom. She loves to write topics about interior designs, and she looks for home essentials in sites like Focus on Furniture. In her free time, she loves to travel or go out for a movie date with her kids.