Remaining motivated to study is the need of the hour. The more burdened you feel, the lesser remains the will to study. The worst situations are encountered during the examinations when students execute everything else apart from studying. The time wastage and dwindling will later on come as depression. Hence, it is very important to feel motivated to study at the right time.

Compel yourself to start
Once you start studying, motivation will automatically come running to you. The main burden is to commence. Do not just wait for the day to end to start studying. Instead, begin it the moment you are free. Winners do not wait around to attain the right time and mood to work hard.  They are always set to work hard.

Divide the work
If you imagine completing the entire task at once, it becomes all the more terrible. On the other hand, if you divide the workload into equal parts, things automatically become manageable.  Suppose you have twenty chapters to learn. Simply take 4 days and complete 5 chapters per day. Reward yourself with chocolate after finishing each target.

Take breaks
Working by straining yourself will automatically deduce you. Relax and then work. Repeat the process until you completely get over with everything. Studying needs a relaxed mind frames. Sitting with the book for the entire day won’t fetch results. Study a bit and take some rest. You can talk to your mom or simply make some tea in the meanwhile. Continuously studying can never make you motivated.

Sleep, eat and repeat!
Yes, that’s the key to feel guilty and get back to work with doubled force. If you have finally wasted a lot of time, you will automatically feel guilty from within. Such a feeling would rather make you study better.

Do some physical movement
Researchers have found that physical activities can lower down the mental strain. So, after you have completed a part of your study, just walk for 10 minutes and then resume everything again. Sweating exercises and punching the gunny bag is also a nice way to channelize your frustration.

Time yourself
Determine the exact number of hours you will be studying each day. For instance; instance schedules it from 8 am to 8 pm. Neither study before it or after it. Complete all your subjects within that duration to breathe in a peaceful air.

Don’t leave the subjects untouched
Any subject that has not been revised from a long time span is definitely going to get out of your memory. Schedule a day in which you can revise the untouched subjects.

Don’t use “best day” math
We exist in a world where we are repeatedly pulled towards becoming better, faster, and more dynamic. In this rat race, we start comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations. It is strongly recommended not to fall into the trap of planning your time target according to your comfort zone. Add in some room so that if in case you’re late, you still make up to a marginal time. Encounter that reason which disallows you to study.

It is absolutely impossible to reach to a solution if you have no idea what is causing the problem. The reasons can be:

  • A skill deficit
  • Lack of motivation
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of interest
  • Habit

Being successful in finding out reasons can help ponder tactics for not being late for work.

With the help of some parameters as mentioned above, certain factors can be traced for running late for work. Certain guidelines which will help in resolving this issue are also loud and clear. One can set priorities and stop making excuses. Productivity and efficiency get hampered in the case of employees running late for work. Hence, matching up to the standards is essential.