Studying at the best of times can be challenging. Exam pressure, the ability to concentrate, and the hope for a good result all contribute to the challenges of studying.

However, a pandemic brings a whole host of additional difficulties to distract one from practising for the SAT. It can even seem insurmountable at times. Therefore, it is more important now than ever to consider SAT tutoring in London.


Tutoring offers solutions to many of the challenges mentioned earlier. Often, one-on-one tutors will set up a schedule that suits the student. With the current COVID restrictions, most professional sites will offer virtual tutors, which means even more flexibility with regards to a student’s schedule.

The ability for students to structure their schedule in combination with the accountability tutors inherently provide means the addition of some much-needed order in these chaotic times.

Studying specifically for the SAT as a student that is not familiar with the US system of education presents its own challenges. Consequently, it is advisable to seek a tutoring program specialised for the SAT.

There are reputable establishments located throughout the UK that provide not only one-on-one tutoring but also SAT Bootcamps and information on the US education system in general.

SAT Bootcamp

Similar to regular one-on-one tutoring, many SAT Bootcamps are now available online. The SAT Bootcamp is a highly interactive, fast-paced course, for students who are seeking to understand the key content quickly and to master the exam.

The most experienced tutors teach Bootcamps in small classes. They are dynamic and can often be fun judging by testimonials from students.

An additional advantage of the SAT Bootcamp is in virtual social connection. In times of social distancing, it can be quite difficult to stay connected. The SAT Bootcamp offers students a method to study effectively while also practising valuable social interactions.

Loneliness vs solitude

Loneliness vs solitude

Students tend to spend most of their time studying alone when preparing for an exam. Studying alone is often necessary to put in an adequate amount of concentrative study into a subject.

Usually, studying alone can be well balanced with other social activities, like going out with friends or even studying with others.

However, due to social distancing and restrictions, this becomes problematic. In a recent article in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry investigating ‘The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on global mental health’, the authors found an overall increase in loneliness and other mental illnesses, since the outbreak of the pandemic.

From this, it can be inferred that online social studying will assist students in lessening these feelings of isolation. Additionally, the specialised SAT tutoring websites that also provide information on the US education system will gratefully offer some direction in achieving the student’s dream.

Thankfully, the old idiom ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ can be applied. The dark grey ominous cloud being loneliness can be transformed into the ‘silver’ of solitude.

As stated in another article, ‘Social isolation in Covid-19: The impact of loneliness’, in the same journal; some of humanity’s greatest feats in Philosophy, Art, and Science have emerged from solitude.

Therefore, this could be the appropriate time to take up a forgotten hobby, learn something new, and pursue a passion like emigrating and studying in a foreign university.