There are regular foods and then there are super foods. Not every healthy food makes it into the superfood category. These foods are very nutritious and have various health benefits. Such benefits are not available in other foods. You might wonder what makes these foods so special?

The reason that these foods are called superfood is that they contain a high amount of healthy nutrients. These nutrients are good for your bone, skin, heart, digestion, and many other things. I will explain it further below. But the question is should you eat these foods and what impact did these foods had on the health industry.

Impact on The Health Industry

These foods had a very big impact on the health industry. Fitness trainers and other researchers found them very useful and due to this, they made a lot of money through these foods. You won’t find all these nutritions in regular or processed foods that is why these foods are so important for your health. This is the only reason why they are considered superfoods. Here is the list of all those superfoods and what are their health benefits.


Number 1 on our list is walnut. It is rich in healthy fatty acids and provides a good amount of protein as well. The healthy fatty acids in walnuts help our body in various ways. The inclusion of walnuts in our dairy products is getting bigger and bigger.

You will find walnuts in almost every other product. The same reason is its nutritions properties. Studies have shown that people who eat walnuts on a daily routine have sharp minds and are able to concentrate more. This brain shaped nut is the perfect snack and superfood for you.

Beef Bone Broth

Beef bone broth is rich in various nutrients and vitamins. The most common ones are collagen and protein. These nutrients help in making and building our bone stronger. Collagen in bone broth is the most important element of our body.

Protein on the other hand also serves the same purpose but has additional benefits as well. It also helps in growing your muscles, bone mass, and better bone tendons. It is also prominent in vitamins like vitamin A, K, and D. All these vitamins are vital for your various health issues.

Dark Chocolate

You might think that what chocolate is doing into the list of superfoods. Well, I am not talking about ordinary chocolate that contains a high amount of sugars. Only dark chocolates are considered superfoods. This sweet chocolate made it into the list of superfoods recently. As studies showed that people who consume dark chocolate daily are less likely to be affected by heart stroke.

Now this study was taken from people who used it in very low quantity, eating excessive dark chocolate can be harmful as well. Because you will be taking all that additional sugar that your body doesn’t require.

Green Vegetables

Dark green veggies are also in the list of superfoods. Veggies like spinach and broccoli are among those green veggies that are considered as superfoods. Eating dark green veggies on a daily basis will also help you in losing weight.

Green vegetables are digested quickly as compared to meat. Eating 2-3 bowls of salad made from dark green veggies will keep you full throughout the day. These vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are vital for your health.


Dairy products like cheese and milk are considered superfoods because they are a good source of protein and healthy vitamins. Although dairy products are rich in fats as well, eating them in moderate quantities won’t do you any harm.

Unless you are not lactose tolerant, you should stay away from dairy products. Dairy products are also rich in calcium that plays an important role in making your bones strong.


Coming down to the last words I would say that these foods have changed the food and health industry in a big way, but still, some of us prefer eating junk food instead of these healthy foods that have played a great role in changing the food industry. So I would recommend that you should shift toward eating these healthy foods to live a better healthy life.

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