Patients who investigate orthodontic options are primarily motivated by two main concerns; dental aesthetic issues or dental health function. When teeth are not in correct alignment, this can create a number of issues that puts oral health, physical health and even psychosocial health at risk.

Dental practitioners know well that there are more hidden dangers lurking in between misaligned teeth that threaten the wellbeing of a patient. Most may not at first draw a link between crooked teeth and wellbeing, but the adverse effects of a less-than pleasing smile on overall wellbeing becomes more apparent when looking at the loss in confidence.

With a loss in confidence, one is less likely to smile, to engage with others, find romance or look for employment opportunities. Due to the shame of a crooked or gappy smile, a person is more inclined to live life in the shadows rather than in the limelight. Research statistics report that71 percent of British adults lack the confidence in displaying a tooth-wide smile when being photographed.

Crooked teeth and associated issues need not be the cause of shame and embarrassment, not with comfortable braces likeInvisalign in Welwyn that have the added advantage of being barely visible when worn on teeth. Millions across the world have claimed the benefits of straighter teeth thanks to the forward-thinking design of this modern orthodontic tool.

The impact of crooked teeth

The impact of crooked teeth

Increased risk of gum disease

People with misaligned teeth are generally more prone to experiencing gum disease because of poor dental hygiene. It is not that these individuals do not clean their teeth properly but the fact that crooked teeth create awkward areas in the mouth that are quite a challenge to clean. When teeth are not cleaned successfully, this creates an ideal environment for plaque build-up to form on teeth and affect gum health.

Increased wear and tear

An uneven bite places undue stress on teeth that rub together. This excess wear and tear on enamel strips away the protective surface of teeth and can result in cavities as well as abscesses in the mouth.

Poor digestion

Digestion difficulties become a problem when food that is digested is not chewed properly before swallowing. Not only is the digestive process made harder but there is also the risk of nutrients not being absorbed effectively which raises the concern of malnourishment.

Teeth prone to being damaged

One of the great dangers of protruding teeth is that this misalignment issue makes teeth vulnerable to being damaged in the event of a knock to the face. Teeth can be knocked out of their sockets, chipped or fractured. Any structural damage of the tooth opens up the vulnerable parts of the tooth to the invasion of harmful bacteria and germs.

Dental pain

A lesser-known cause of dental pain ismisaligned teeth and jaws. Misalignment means that teeth are not in their naturally-ordained positions, which put excess strain on certain areas of the mouth such as jaws and joints that result in discomfort.

The seriousness of crooked teeth is not fully appreciated until it offsets a series of undesirable consequences in the mouth and impacts overall wellbeing. Modern orthodontic solutions are remarkably successful in achieving desirable outcomes – aesthetic goals as well as pro-dental health objectives.