When was the last time you read a good book? And by book, we don’t mean the ones you read on your electronic device such as mobiles, tablets and your kindle. No, it’s a good old hard copy that we’re talking about.

But, if you are someone who’s still a little old fashioned when it comes to books, even in this digital era, then we’re pretty sure that you must be owning mountains of books – a collection so huge that when you showed it to your friends and family, they would have suggested making a library out of it! And we are sure the same thought must have crossed your mind on more than one occasion. So, if you have finally planned to act on it and are all set to build a library you can call your own, then read the tips below and get started…

#1. Mark your spot
There is no rule as such when it comes to selecting a spot in the house to build a library. Well, even if there is one, remember the phrase “Rules are meant to be broken”? So, go ahead and simply design any corner into a nice reading niche as long it’s quiet and doesn’t get crowded. First things first, choose a wall space where you will be putting up your bookshelves. Also, ensure that the place receives a lot of natural light from the outside or the least you are able to light it up by using some artificial lights.

#2. Storing books
Depending on the number of books you own (or if you plan to buy more in the future), determine the storage area for your home library. If you own a lot of them, then you should go ahead with floor-to-ceilings bookshelf. But if you have only few books, then you can simply opt for free-standing bookcase, as this will be the most suitable option for you. You can also take a look at floating shelves.

#3. Keeping the floor safe
You must be having an idea about how heavy the book collection can become. Now think how hard it will be for your floor to uphold the weight of so much knowledge. So, in order to keep your floors safe, you can make use of some floor pads and keep it away from any kind of damage, in case you have to move your bookshelf. This way you can avoid your floor from getting cracked or scratched.

#4. Setting an ambience
Being a bookworm, you’ll be the one who knows what type of environment you’ll need when reading a good book. So, create an ambience that will make your home library a kind of sanctuary within your house. Get yourself a designer radiator to keep things cosy, or a few thick blankets to snuggle up with.

Start by picking a colour of your choice. You can also go completely vintage like those old libraries by opting for lusty brown and deep blood red colours. But if you are into reading light books, then opt for faded yellow and sky blue colour. For that matter, off white will also be a good option for you. Your imagination builds up with the colours you have around you, so choose wisely!

#5. Getting comfortable
After you are done choosing colours, add things that’ll make you feel cosy while you are reading. Decide what kind of seating arrangement you’d like when you are reading an interesting book. Would you like to curl up in your bed, sit in a swivelling chair or do you want to swing in a swing? Well, go with whatever floats your boat.

#6. Decoration
If you want to add some jazz to your library, why not place some vases with beautiful, fresh flowers in it? Potted plants can also be another option to go with. You can add some squishy cushions to create a cosy vibe while you are reading. A favourite piece of artwork will also get the job done. And guess what… with such an environment even your books will feel at home. Don’t shy away from decorating your home library, as it is your own personal Valhalla.

After reading the above mentioned tips, we hope you’re finally able to fulfil your lifelong dream of building your very own home library.