No one denying the fact that competition in today’s job market is very tough. There are many people who already decided on their career path, since young. But for most of us choosing a right career path is still challenging and confusing. It’s important to choose wisely, because the decision you make today will impact your future later. And, to finding jobs in Malaysia, or in any other different state or country, you must be aware of the job market and trendy jobs.

It is also a fact that, no one can take a decision for you or can help you in choosing a right career path for you. It’s all your responsibility and all depends on your interest. Well, for reducing your stress and confusion I am going to share the following highest paying careers and the ones with most potential for growth:

Let’s start:

  1. Information technology: Almost, 90% of people are using internet and technology. And, organizations are highly dependent on technologies and internet. The demand of the web, app, and system and tech developers is very high in all around the world. And, in Malaysia IT sector is considered as the fastest growing than any other. It offers a highest entry-level salary in the market; a fresh graduate can easily earn an average of RM 4,600. If you are good it coding and have interest in technology, then this is a good field to start your career.


  1. Banking and Finance: The economic growth and transformation of Malaysia’s economy dependent a lot of the finance industry. To upkeep Malaysia’s financial and banking stability, the demand of the professionals is so high for all the senior and junior level jobs. It is a lucrative career option, good start for those who have a strong management background. Salary is highly dependent on the organization, position, and experience. But an average starting salary of employees there is in between RM3, 500 – RM 6,500.


  1. Building and construction: This is another one of the best career options for fresh graduates. There is a huge demand of the candidates in building and construction engineering. Civil and structural engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and interior designers fall under this category. There are so many constructions from there, which offers endless job opportunities as well as offer better salary package. A fresh graduate can earn a starting salary of up to RM 5,500.


  1. Oil and Gas: This is one of the most common sectors. And if you are a fresher then this sector has a lot to offer. The sector involves extraction of oil and gas and refining of petroleum. Thus, offering jobs to a large number of job seekers. It is said that, entry-level salary in this industry is too high. Both junior level and senior level candidates can earn an average starting salary of around RM 4000.



  1. Tourism and hospitality: This industry is best for those who have a good personality and have done their degree in hospitality and management. A career in this industry offers different profession such as you can join as a tour guide, Hotel manager, operation leadership manager an others. Entry-level salary for the candidates is around RM 4,500.

These are the few sectors which offer a large number of jobs in Malaysia. Analyze the job market and find out which job is much trendy there before start. And, you can also find the average salary for every position on Glassdoor and Payscale.

Author Bio:

Khushboo Setiya is an online media enthusiast and a blogger who closely follows the latest Career, Job and online marketing trends. She writes about various related topics such as Digital marketing, SEO, Career guidance, Job Search techniques and much more.