If you are currently starting out to venture into freelancing, one of first and initial things that you should acquaint yourself with is that tax computation in the Philippines greatly varies for freelancers, based on several factors.

But despite the different tax rates and with income being different from website to website, freelance work is reaching all new heights. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought after freelance jobs in 2018:

Analytics Expert

The ability to handle data is arguably the most important and vital element of the digital marketing sphere. Businesses are becoming more and more inclined to how this affects and impacts sales revenues. Freelance workers who know their way around reading data from programs like Google Analytics, social media platforms, email provers, etc. are in great demand because of their grasp on data-driven business.

Brand Identity Designer

If you find that you are a person that has an uncanny knack for design, storytelling, and aestheticism, working as a brand identity manager may just be the gig for you. With the advent of social media and rapid advancement of everyday technological gadgets, businesses are both blessed and cursed by being more visible than ever to potential customers.

Given this fact, business need to make sure that they are consistently and constantly promoting themselves across all platforms. Freelance creatives help a brand as to presenting themselves and everything that they are all about to the general public.

Instagram Marketing

Yes, it is indeed true that in this contemporary age, people get paid vast sums of money for working on Instagram all day. With the intense booms that Instagram has made all across the world, more than 70% of worldwide brands already have their voice stamped on the social media app. Many brands and companies are in dire need of freelancers who exude a distinct passion for leaning about brand identity and finding different creative ways as to get that name out there and be converted into profit.

Project Management

Organization and reliability are two timeless and irreplaceable assets that every operation needs in order to be a complete and fully functional business. If you are a person that enjoys collaborating and working with a team, project management will indeed be very promising. Businesses regardless of size are always looking for ways to maximize efficiency and optimize budget in relation to manpower. Project managers are hired to help manage ideas, stick to deadlines, delegate, and effectively collaborate.

Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the modern marvels of technology, freelance workers now have the option to work as virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are essentially there to provide their skills and high-expertise in assistive tasks and just being there for an expansive clientele.

Key Takeaway

Depending on different factors for tax computation in the Philippines, income for freelance work is definitely relative on the conditions of a case-by-case basis. But if you are looking to branch out into doing your own freelance work, the types of jobs elaborated on above are some of the best and most ideal starting points for your journey into the wonderful world of freelance!