When you have lost a tooth or teeth due to age, decay or illness, it can leave a large gap in your confidence too, especially if the lost tooth is at the front of your mouth. In the past, you could restore both the bite and the beauty of your smile with dentures or fitted bridges but, as many people have discovered, this is not always the best option for them.

Despite applying generous amounts of denture glue, dentures can cause rubbing sores on the gums, which is far from ideal when you are trying to eat. Also, fitted bridges place additional strain on the natural teeth that surround them, which can cause concern if your teeth are not naturally robust.

Luckily, there is a way to restore your smile without sore spots or pressure on your teeth – oral implants.

In Hertfordshire, dental implants have taken over as the main restorative option for people with missing teeth. Suitable for anyone with good oral health who is over the age of 18, implants are stable, safe and most importantly, they last a long time!

Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more about the advantages of oral implants. 


In Hertfordshire, dental implants have become the most popular restorative option for many people simply because they are permanent. Once fitted to your jaw and provided that you maintain high levels of oral health, implants cannot be removed and so, the prosthetics which are placed on top of them (the teeth), cannot be removed either. Very reassuring if you are forever misplacing your dentures!

Hertfordshire dental implants


Similar to the above point, in Hertfordshire, dental implants have become renowned amongst older patients for being durable. How? Well, as many older people have had to give up harder and healthier foods due to how insecure dentures are, many are surprised with how much force oral implants can handle. If you were a fan of raw fruits, vegetables and nuts, once your implants are fitted, these can go back on the menu!


Another benefit of implants is that they look real. While you may want to go for the glowing white Hollywood smile, if you don’t, your dentist will be able to colour and shape match the crowns of the implants to match your natural surrounding teeth. Meaning that you will be able to feel supreme confidence when out and about!


Regardless of age, when you lose a permanent tooth, the jawbone underneath it recedes. Why does this matter? Because it can cause any surrounding natural teeth to move and protrude at odd angles. Luckily, implants promote restoration of the jaw bone, allowing it to regrow and fuse to accommodate the implant, allowing all the teeth in your mouth to stay exactly where they are. 


There may be some discomfort after the implant has been fitted, but in general, oral implants are completely painless to have in your mouth. No rubbing, no sores and no metal, they are extremely comfortable.