Every data center power system has its own transformer. Ultra isolation transformers have had numerous unique roles in the UPS systems of data centers, such as-

  • Voltage step down from medium supply to the desired voltage
  • Act as critical part of the power conversion circuits
  • To create a local ground-bonded neutral
  • Reduce harmonic currents inside power distribution units or a UPS
  • To provide taps to accommodate abnormally low or high mains voltage
  • To vanish ground loops using main sources or multiple generators
  • Step down from the data center distribution voltage inside power distribution units
  • To provide extra utilization voltages inside power distribution units

Ultra Isolation Transformers

UPS systems have had single or multiple permanently installed internal isolation transformers. This is done to offer one or more of the listed functions above, on the basis of the data center power system design. Modern UPS systems are intended in a way that they don’t need power transformers as part of their circuits; enhancing efficiency and reducing size, weight, and cost. Transformers are installed to a UPS that doesn’t have transformers as per the need to acquire a desired feature or function.

It is believed that internal transformers were provided in UPS systems in order to bring galvanic isolation between input and output of the UPS. This fact is faux. The usage of internal transformers was there as that was a need because of the power inverter technology applied in the UPS design.

The Configuration of The UPS System is Categorized into Three Domains

  1. Single mains
  2. Double or dual mains
  3. Single mains without bypass

Single Mains

In this type of configuration, one mains connection is used to supply both the UPS module and bypass, which are interlinked at the UPS system. This is widely and used arrangement that supported in small UPS systems. You can find them in smaller as well as larger data center installations. The main benefits of this system-

  • Simplicity
  • Low cost of installation
  • Zero complexities related to circulating currents and grounding

The disadvantage of using single mains is that the actual mains supply system cannot be taken down for service or maintenance without disrupting power to the load. However, some professionals advise using wraparound breakers on the mains to overcome this disadvantage.

Dual mains

This type of configuration is needed when the bypass gets the supply from a second mains which has different function compared to UPS rectifier input. It allows either of the two mains to be removed for maintenance while avoiding disruption of power supply to the critical load.

Single mains without bypass- this type of configuration is designed for environments where the mains power quality is considered to be of lowest grade

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