The faster that a dental emergency is taken care of, the more chance there is of successful reparation, meaning that if a tooth has been knocked out, a dentist may be able to reinsert it if a patient is able to reach them in time.

By ensuring that there is sufficient space available for people who may need to visit a dentist in an emergency, a dentist Meath may be able to avoid unnecessary damage to their patient’s teeth and gums and oral health overall.

These spaces are liable to fill up throughout the day, but a caring and experienced dental team will do their absolute best in order to ensure that each and every patient is seen on the day of an emergency.

broken teeth

What qualifies as an emergency?

An injury that affects the mouth, in any case, is deemed as a dental emergency. Should a tooth be cracked, chipped, broken or knocked out entirely, it is important that it be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

There may be more underlying damage that can cause problems later on if not investigated and dealt with as soon as possible. It is impossible for a person to know the extent of the damage that has been done simply by looking at their own mouth.

When a person experiences pain from their teeth, this is also deemed as an emergency. Toothaches can be a very painful experience and people wish to have this attended to as soon as possible.

emergency dentist

Rest assured, when a person comes to visit their dentist due to having a toothache, their pain will be dealt with as soon as they reach the dentist’s chair. Before that time, the team can provide a patient with advice on how to make themselves as comfortable as possible.

After the pain has been minimised and the patient is in a more comfortable state, then the dentist is able to inspect the situation and determine the extent of the injury, advise the patient on the course of treatment and if necessary, provide work that will remedy the issue at hand.

Some dental emergencies are not painful but can still cause serious complications later on. Some dental emergencies are not related to the teeth but involved the surrounding tissues such as gums or the soft tissues inside the mouth.

What can a person do to before visiting the dentist in an emergency?

If a tooth has been knocked out completely or chipped off, finding the tooth and washing and storing it in milk if it cannot be reinserted into the mouth is a way of preserving the delicate tooth pulp.

Vigorous rubbing to clean the tooth will damage it or washing in water will cause the cell walls to expand and burst, rendering the tooth unsuitable for reinsertion.

Swilling with salt water or apply a cold compress to an area of pain may help relieve discomfort should a patient experience unknown tooth pain. Check with a dentist before taking pain killers if an appointment has already been booked.

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