Old cars aren’t necessarily pieces of trash. Sure, they may not have a large amount of trade in value, but they might be interesting to someone, somewhere. Have you ever heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another’s treasure?” That’s certainly the case here.

Before you go to trade your car into the dealership for a small amount of money, you need to find a way to make some cash for your old car. With these tips from cash for cars Broward County, you’ll be on your way to making more money than you thought  – and it can be used for the purchase of your new automobile.

Try To Sell Your Car Online
Depending on the condition of your car, this is a valid option. There are plenty of people who see the value in an older car – especially one that can be used for parts for a restoration. Before you list your car, you’ll need to get your hands on a used car price guide. This is the best way to see how much your car is worth. Make sure to keep your asking price on the reasonable side. No one wants to pay more than they need to for your car. You’ll need to be ready to disclose all of its defects. This, plus a clean bill of health from a mechanic and some detailing can have your car ready for showtime – at an online auto sale website, that is.

Cash For Your Old Car

Use An Online Auction Site
There are plenty of these online auction sites to choose from, so you’ll need to look at the commission percentages that they charge before you pick one. Of course, you’ll need to get a mechanic to certify that your car is in good running condition first. You should have it washed and detailed before you take any pictures of it. Most auction sites allow you to set a certain price that must be met before the sale closes. This, combined with a low starting price, will ensure that you get some serious bidders.

You’d be surprised at who wants to buy your car! Many auctions also allow you to set a certain auction time period and to specify who will pay for shipping, should the buyer be located on the other side of the country. (Hint: you want the buyer to pay for this.)

Look For A Cash Buyer
There are a number of people out there who want to pay cash for a good used car. For example, there’s cash for cars Broward County to start with. You might be able to find an individual buyer, as well. Since your car will be sold at a reasonable price (yet more than a dealership would give you for it), you should have no problem finding someone offering cash. This cash can then be used as a down payment on your next car since you’ll still need a set of wheels to help you get around town and to work and back.