A dental hygienist Richmond is a dental healthcare professional who possesses further experience and knowledge within the field of oral hygiene. Visiting them may not be at the top of the priority list for many individuals: however booking a hygiene based dental appointment may be more beneficial than patients’ initially believe.

What are the benefits of seeing this dental team?

Scheduling an appointment with a dental hygiene specialist can not only ensure you’re doing the most to keep your mouth clean and healthy, however they also boast a wealth of experience which enables them to give sound advice on taking care of your smile within the comfort of your own home.

What happens during a hygiene based dental appointment?

Much like any dental treatment or procedure every consultation will differ greatly depending on the individual case. Despite this variation however, there are a handful of standardised procedures typically followed during these appointments. Initially, patients’ can expect to receive a thorough assessment of the teeth and gums to measure the extent of plaque build-up on the surface of the teeth. Once this is deciphered, the cleaning can begin!

So… What happens next?

Dental hygiene appointments are intended to be extremely thorough and aim to remove any plaque or calculus which may have built up on the surface of the teeth (and the gums) to ensure your mouth is healthy. In addition to an initial assessment, patients’ can expect to receive a ‘scale and polish’.

hygiene based dental appointment

What is a scale and polish?

A scale and polish is a cleaning treatment which utilises special interdental brushes and abrasive pastes to remove unwanted build-up from the surface of the teeth. This treatment promotes the use of pholyatic and anti-microbial materials to reduce the appearance of staining from the tooth’s surface, whilst resulting in a cleaner, and happier smile.

Keeping your smile healthy

Visiting a hygiene focused dentist can help prevent the development of both ‘gingivitis’ and ‘periodontal disease’ which can result in bad breath, tooth loss, and even staining.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease often goes unnoticed due to its painless nature: however over time this condition can unfortunately lead to long lasting damage to both the teeth, and the gums.

The role of a hygiene based dentist..

A dental hygiene team plays a key role in not only preventing the onset of periodontal disease but also giving sound smoking advice. They also ypically measure the gaps between the gums and teeth to determine whether any further treatment is needed to prevent development of the disease.

Reaping the rewards..

In addition to receiving a professional cleaning treatment and determining whether any further work is required: this dentists role also involves showing patients’ how to reduce plaque build up in the future. Giving advice on the use of special interdental brushes and flossing, visiting this team also reduces chances of tooth loss, and maintaining fresh minty breath!


Taking the first step towards a cleaner, and happier smile

If you are eager to keep your mouth in good shape, then why not get in touch with your local hygiene based team now? Paying just one visit can help improve your oral care routine, whilst finding potential problems before they start.