Cable Glands are used for an industrial area. It’s a mechanical cable device that is designed so it can attach to the end of the electrical cable. It also makes the connection secure between the cable and to the junction box.  However, there is a different kind of glands are used, like most of the people prefer Brass Cable Glands as they are more secure.

The main work of glands is to avoid things like earthing, insulation and strain. Apart from this, the cable can be used for different cables like telecommunication, power, data etc. The other work of Cable Glands is to seal the device and to keep out dust as well as moisture. That’s why, it became too crucial to choose the correct cable glands. However, choosing the perfect one might take some time but its much better than to choose the wrong one and make your work more irritating and hassle-filled.

Here are the points that can help you to know what you should consider when you are buying the perfect cable glands

How To Choose Perfect Brass Cable Glands

So, are you all set to buy your cable glands? But do you know, there are different sizes which not fit any other size. Apart from that, different company and industries have their own need and requirement in this area. That’s why its important to know the correct size to protect the equipment from future damages.

Understand the type

Before you decide to buy your cable, understand the different types of cable glands that are available in the market. Identifying the right one cable help you a lot and also make your equipment secure and completely safe for use. Also, the size, diameter, structure, and material of the cable also play an important role. There are basically two kinds of categories that are available, i.e. unarmored and armored cables. Unarmored cables are straightforward and came with no seal, however, armored cables are protected by extra layers and its ore safe to use. Under this category, there are the options that you might get.

  • Single wire Armour
  • Pliable wire armor
  • Braided armor
  • Double sheet tape armor ( DSTA)

Understand where the cable is going to use

Knowing the location where the cable is going to use can help in choosing the correct one without creating a hassle.  Get the idea of whether you are going to use it inside or outside, safe area or hazardous area etc.

Understand the cost

Cable glands are available in various type and material such as Brass Cable Glands, nickel cables, steel etc. The price of the cable depends on what material you are going to use. Apart from that, it also affects the size of equipment where the cable is going to use.

Are you going to buy extra?

Cable glands are crucial as it plays the vital role in safety. So the more accessories you are going to add, the better protection and security assurance you will get.  There are different accessories are available that you can buy, for example, earth tags, grounding lock nuts, serrated washers etc.