In the present era, where crime is at an all-time high, people are increasingly looking for newer ways of securing their homes and offices against burglary and other crimes. Surveillance cameras offer an effective shield against crimes like robbery, burglary, vandalism, etc to your homes and offices. They offer valid image and video proofs of the criminals involved in unlawful acts at your premises.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few factors that you should consider while buying security cameras for your homes and offices.

Inbuilt SD Card Slot

With the advancement of technology in the domain of CCTV cameras, today various surveillance cameras are CCTV systems in themselves. They have inbuilt micro SD slot and you can insert memory cards with various capacities such as 16GB, 32 GB, 128GB, etc. for recording purpose.

There are also cameras in the market that do not have inbuilt SD card slot and depend on the camera hard disk in the DVR.


Innovative surveillance cameras can turn horizontally and vertically to give you better coverage. The highest angle that a security camera can turn horizontally is known as Pan and vertically is known as tilt. Hence, if you want to cover greater area or want to monitor larger space, a CCTV camera with greater pan/tilt is advisable.

Image Quality

Best CCTV cameras available in the market produce high quality videos in 720p and 1080p resolutions. Higher resolution means higher video quality, although you require higher amount of storage to record videos. So, if you have a DVR with higher internal storage, then high resolution surveillance cameras are better for you as the cameras with inbuilt storage quickly run out of space.

Motion and Audio Sensor

Smart cameras come with motion censors. Their higher prices, however, limits their appeal. With motion and audio censor, security cameras detect and alert owners about any unusual sound and movement in the vicinity by sending a notification alert on their mobile app.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless cameras provide advantages in terms of scalability and mobility. They are easy to install and move. Wireless cameras from leading brands are of superior quality and hence they are expensive. Most of the high-end homes and offices prefer these kinds of cameras as they do not affect the aesthetics of a place with wire and cables.

One the other hand, wired security cameras are quite popular among people in India due to their economical prices. Such type of cameras are connected DVR with the help of CCTV cable. Wired surveillance cameras are more reliable as compared to wireless cameras because they are hard connected through cable for CCTV Camera.