Clear Braces Direct London are a company that has been devised by UK dentists with a rich history of the use of Invisalign. This background in the use of this treatment ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care and service, yielding excellent results.

This treatment uses a series of clear aligners in order to push the teeth gently into their desired position.This company makes it very easy to access this treatment.

Many patients have received high quality treatment using Invisalign and are extremely happy with the results that this treatment yielded.

The latest technology and scanning techniques are utilised in order to give patients the best possible treatment results. Appointments are kept to a minimum so this treatment is accessible and can be fitted around each individual patient’s schedule.

This allows patients to save time as well as saving patients some money. This article will run through the procedure of this treatment as well as why you should consider Clear Braces Direct London.

What is the procedure?

Clear Braces are a treatment that could be used to straighten teeth. The first step involves determining whether a patient would be suitable for this treatment. A free Invisalign test can be used to determine a patient’s suitability as 3D scanners are used to create an image of the teeth.

If a patient is not suitable for the treatment another option will be discussed with them. Following determining whether a patient is suitable for this treatment or not, comes the second step.

The second step involves a scan which creates an image that will need to be approved by the patient. The patient will then pay for their treatment and their braces will be ordered.

These braces will be delivered straight to the patient so they can begin their treatment straight away. Each brace is moulded to the designated patient so the braces can have the best overall effect. Whitening gel is something that is also included so patients can freshen up the appearance of their teeth.

A tracking app is also available so patients can be assured their treatment is working without having to keep up to date with regular appointments.

Once the treatment is completed patients can be assured in their new smile through the use of retainers. This makes sure that the teeth remain in their new straight position.

Why should you could consider us?

Why should you could consider us?

Braces are an accessible treatment for a host of different patients. Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and this could be because their teeth are not in a straight alignment.

For these patients clear braces could be the answer. This treatment is highly accessible and easy to use. Many patients have used this treatment and have been very happy with the results of this treatment.

This treatment is affordable and comes with the added bonus of teeth whitening so patients can be assured that their new smile will be bright, straight and white.

If patients think that this treatment could be for them then they should check out the website to start their journey to the smile that they wish that they had.