It is difficult to find a person who isn’t aware of the benefits of working out. It reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and depression. It helps us to think clearer, slows down the aging process and also increases our energy levels.

But there are certain pitfalls that can severely hamper the physical progress you make due to your workouts.

These pitfalls may be a result of bad habits but by identifying and tackling them you can prevent them from affecting your workouts. Following are certain mistakes you should avoid that could be lowering your fitness levels:

Skipping the Warm-up

When you’re about to perform a low to moderate impact exercise you can get away with the mistake of skipping the warm up. But when you’re doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, not performing warm up exercises can lead to serious injuries.

The basic purpose of doing warm up exercises is to increase the flow of blood to the appropriate muscles which are soon about to get exerted. Aerobic activity will take longer as they have a non-specific target and therefore they are not necessary.

Most people that workout are confused about whether they should stretch before their workout or not. The answer to this question depends on the type of exercise you’re about to perform. In some cases it is required but in certain cases it can be counter productive.

For instance, experts advise that stretching should be avoided at all costs before strength training. The reason behind this advice is that passive stretching can lead to impaired strength due to instability of joints.

But in other cases when you’re about to perform high intensity sprinting exercises it is imperative to stretch before getting started with the exercise.

Failing to Feed your Muscles after a Strenuous Workout

Working out while fasting is an excellent way to give your fitness results a boost. Exercising our body in a fasted state forces our body to shed fat. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) controls the body’s fat burning processes and exercising and fasting are said to activate the SNS.

This state is usually prevalent in the late morning or early afternoon. Working out at these times of the day is extremely beneficial for weight loss. It is also said that one must not consume food until 30 minutes have passed since the workout.

But other factors are not being taken into consideration when we say that one must workout on an empty stomach. This may not hold true in the case of those who are on medication, are pregnant, have a poor medical history and those who are not very fit physically.

Focusing on a Single Body Area

Focusing on certain muscle groups and movements and excluding others can cause imbalances. This can lead to weaknesses in certain areas such as your neck or back. But certain people think they are compelled to do such a workout due to shortage of time.

But such people who are pressed for time should opt for high intensity peak fitness exercises which can offer all-around benefits and benefits the whole body instead of just a specific set of muscles.

These exercises involve most muscle groups and they recruit muscles in a systematic and orderly fashion which creates the right stimulus that is needed for the growth of muscles.

These exercises also enlarge the storage reservoir of glucose in the muscles which also enhances their sensitivity to insulin. Normalisation of insulin is one of the biggest advantages of exercising.

Training too frequently and for too long

The practice of working out too frequently or working out for too long can backfire in more than just one way. It is important to appreciate the relaxation that recovery sessions have to offer and multiple researches have shown that endurance training can deliver more harm than good to our bodies in the long run.

Inadequate Sleep

One of the practices that can severely hamper the quality of workouts and affect growth of muscles is getting inadequate sleep on a regular basis. It is said that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is required for those who workout properly.

Having a fit body makes most of our daily activities seem like a cake walk. If you are interested in adventure activities you will marvel at the ease with which you will perform them. You should find out more about what you can achieve by avoiding these common workout mistakes.

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