You must have heard of the famous proverb “everything old is new again” and that’s true when it comes to trends in graphic design. Every year, we see certain fads reviving again while certain fashion being completely wipe out of the cloud making the designers somewhat perplexed and conscious about the next big thing that the upcoming year will bring in for them.

Having said that, the year 2018 will be a year of upcoming surprises and modernizing trends in graphic design for websites to follow with minimalism and simplification still being a hot favorite along with some late golden eras that will make a dramatic entry to make websites look more sophisticated and updated

So if you are feeling to add little 2020’s fashion sense and more engaging visual flair to your design then, do check out for these 10 super-amazing graphic design trends that will make your customers fall in love with your website this year!

Watch Out These Top 10 Graphic Design Trends In 2018!


  1. Responsive logos
  2. Gradients
  3. More depth (with semi-flat design)
  4. Dashing duotones
  5. Palettes & patterns inspired by the 80’s & 90’s
  6. Movement: animations & GIFs
  7. Bold typography
  8. Custom graphic art and illustration
  9. Authentic photography
  10. Highly-detailed vintage


1.  Responsive Logos

Responsive logos has been celebrating 10 years since their entry into the market of web and began to revolutionize it and since then, they have become the norm of the industry and an inspiration to seek for almost every designer

Though the increased usage of mobile browsing and an advanced assort of digital devices across various screen sizes have created sever usability issues for the traditional website owners and un-updated websites. Designers & developers now are making their utmost efforts to bridge the gap between usability and design through experimenting with various innovative ways to make the design adaptive across every digital device, screen size and for every user friendliness like an all-rounder website solution. This gave birth to the concept that today we call as “responsive design.”

Considering it as a difficult thing to do by altering logos to meet the same user needs and changing demands, companies now are opting towards revamp or refresh of their existing logos into a fresh, modern look as to feel ‘digital ‘yet simple over the last few years with responsive logo design still being the tip of the day to meet the design demands for today.

2. Gradients (And We’re Also Calling Them Color Transitions)

You must have seen and inspired by the beautiful gradient work or eye-catchy transitions that make you love in with certain websites.

Flat design continues to be evolving with gradients, making their modern flashback from early 90’s as an added enhancement in ‘flat’ designs. This advancement is now termed as a flat 2.0” or “semi-flat design update.

Their re-emergence across iOS platforms and quick successful interpretation by industry pros like Stripe and Instagram have once again intensified the popularity of this trend with much more groundbreaking and clear forms like animated UI, branding, digital backgrounds, live illustrations, and overlays.

We would also be seeing an augmented usage of color patterns and exotic shades under the umbrella of ‘gradients’ with reference to more modern applications across the web – more smoother, animated and “flatter”—fitting within flat design aesthetics.

3. More Depth (With Semi-Flat Design)

Though designers of early 90’s must have witnessed them a lot in the era the good news is they are back now in 2018 reporting to be as one of the most officially popular trends of the year

It’s been a long time when designers used to play and experiment along with “long-shadows” as a part of adding more creativity and dimensions within their flat design portfolios and a simple way to enhance their UI. The ideas got quick acceptance with many of the designers introducing their ‘exclusive’ shadow inspirations with some variations like large, smooth, soft-colored or with an added subtle depth and dimensions.

Though not a much-celebrated thought among the traditionalists, still the depth of the design make it an idea worth-capturing for today’s modern audience sets and the beauty of the trend to get fit into the emerging ethos of flat deign with much more improved usability and friendly interfaces along with simplicity. You can expect some more deep shadow imprints to appear on websites this year, being a staple of semi-flat” design to enhance icons and illustrations across website interfaces, apps, and print collaterals.

4. Dashing Duotones

Duotones are designed through a half-tone printing technique, in which one halftone is printed on the above side of a contrasting color, producing a two-tone image. This latest printing technology has somewhat revolutionized the world of digital design & media.

Moreover, online software’s for Imaging have further simplified lives for the designers to create custom,3D duotones in a way like never before alongside, introducing classic variations like monotones, tritons, quadtones and “fake duotones” (tinted images), as per your own preferences and tastes.

For the designers today, this technique seems helps them to enjoy an edge with more simplistic imagery works created out of limited color palette but a much better and delighting alternative over to that old-fashioned, semi-flat design.

Duotones promises another superlative era of digital designs and production works with the bold color scheme and beautiful application possibilities and can undoubtedly be predicted as the top ‘04’ hottest graphic design trend of 2018.

5. Palettes & Patterns Inspired By The 80’s & 90’s

Who doesn’t love to watch older movies from 80’s and 90’s and follow it as a ‘fashion statement’ when it comes to physical appearance?

The same goes for design. Believe it or not, 90% of design inspiration comes from early eras and can still be successfully interpreted in today’s modern applications across digital and mobile screens. Right from cute pastels (“millennial pink”….You must love it!) to electric hues, color schemes derived from 80’s and 90’are still much popular to be endorsed and would gladly fill up the design needs of 2018 and the remaining upcoming years.

No more ultra-flat designs to observe, you’ll see expect more abstract and geometric patterns from fringes into the mainstream, all fascinated by the golden periods to induce more level of visual excitements and a nostalgic touch in your design.

6. Movement: Animations & Gifs

The buzz of must has hit your ears too if you are a designer yourself or keep an eye on latest design trends just for fun.

So, what exactly are these micro-interactions and why you need them?

Precisely, micro-interactions are miniscule animations that interact with users and help them to perform tasks. They are one of the top, best UX best practice and possibly, one of the biggest UX trends so far.

It’s not necessary that you feel these micro-interactions every time on web. Sometimes, we are unaware of them though they are present around us and will find them everywhere, may be in the form of that notification update received on 99designs, like a post on Facebook.

They are significantly useful in driving user actions and friendly interactions to make them feel as if they are interacting with an actual interface, through offering to live an instantaneous feedback for their actions. Working on such details can really take your designs beyond the next level.

Moreover, big-size animations like GIFs and SVGs are particularly valuable in digital commutations and idea delivery across masses via designing pictorial concepts and graphical process to engage and convert more.The trend has now beautifully fitted into the modern web mix and is clever, sharp and vision- appealing.

7. Bold Typography (And Serifs Return To The Screen!)

2018 is a year to be expected with much bigger and bolder typography on-screen to feel better.

Designers would more be into artistic effects, super-large font sizes and captivating Headlines to make their design appealing from top to bottom on a single go for enthusiastic users.

Helvetica-inspired sans serifs though have seriously dominated the digital space, would still be the fate of the day to express modernism and fashion with more simplistic and professional typeface variety to come forward.


8. Custom Graphic Art And Illustration

Custom Graphic art and illustration works are still going to rock the year with their divergent styles and design choices –like, fanciful, serious, or somewhat purely artistic.

The trend has always played a key role in print media but when it comes to digital media, custom graphic art and illustration has taken a reasonable alternative to cheaper stock imagery for the last few years.

Custom artwork and illustration makes a design beautiful and exclusive through creating and exhibiting an exciting visual identity that can actually interact and enhance user engagements and spice-up your brand persona. You’ll explore some more visionary artistic works from top designers to come forward and create magic in the digital world with a broad range of styles surfaces and inspiration assets to follow and inspire with.


9. Authentic Photography

Authentic photography delivers the best of professionalism if displayed and positioned correctly. People love the HD impression that makes their eyes moving to and fro in a simply spell-bound manner only that it looks real and on-screen beautiful.

Either you are stuck in custom photo selection or going for some to pick from stock, always look for images that can sell your brand or design in terms of emotions and looks professionally compatible to share your business story

The trend for real-life photography has grown tremendously over the last year and will still continue to boost up this year with more freelance photographers desperately seeking design projects from various companies so as to display their portfolio via that.  Since, designers today, want to get rid of that cheesy stock photography so hiring some professional brain with lesser budget seems to be a better deal for them to connect their brands more with users.


10. Highly-Detailed Vintage

Though Vintage isn’t something new in the design world, it keeps on coming and going. Luckily, in 2018, you‘ll see quite a lot of it among brands who aspire to grab a top shelve look with a design aesthetics that can deliver class and an air of uniqueness.

While the trend isn’t good to be adopted as a ‘universal’ thing, ideally it goes more with food and beverage industries especially, those who sell alcohol and still, achieve aspiring results out of this design trend.

Moreover, brands dealing in Artisan, organic and natural products are crazier towards vintage inspirations so as to deliver a wholesome, hand-made, super simple design.


Are You Ready For Design In 2018?

It’s a high-time in graphic design and you need to patch up being a designer of such a fast century to grow your revenues. We are going to see more from flat design UI with some quick revamps in graphic design and some comeback trends this year. The design backdrop seems to get more and more interesting and ‘digital’ with more focus on minimalism and simplicity to speak volumes about the individuality of the brands today. So, it’s time to take risks and move beyond with a Graphic Design Company to release your creativity this year!